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From Yankee Magazine Online, New England’s Website, (a website I highly recommend) is a deeply felt and carefully drawn tribute to the great American painter, Andrew Wyeth.

The Ghost of Andrew Wyeth

America’s Most Beloved Painter is Gone

by Edgar Allen Beem


Trodden Weed,” self-portrait by Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth is dead. He reportedly passed away peacefully in his sleep at the great age of 91. Had this been summer, he probably would have drifted away in Port Clyde, Maine, but, as it is winter, his final resting place was Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the little hamlet where he was born in 1917. America’s most famous and most popular artist, Wyeth was also its most misunderstood.

Andrew Wyeth lived a charmed but cloistered life. His world was largely limited to the two poles of his existence - Chadds Ford and Maine, where the Wyeth clan owns properties in Cushing and Port Clyde, including several private islands. He preferred “going deep” to scattering his attentions far and wide. As such, he created internationally-known art out of the lives and landscapes of these two rural outposts.

There is much more to read in this very insightful tribute so please do. The last paragraph is the most meaningful in this piece as it expresses what I believe is the reason Andrew Wyeth will transcend the critics in the art establishment just as Vincent van Gogh did.

If you’re going to live a deep life rather than a shallow one, you have to embrace your roots. Wyeth was trained by his father, the great illustrator N.C. Wyeth, and when he came to paint his oblique 1951 self-portrait, “Trodden Weed,” he portrayed himself walking the land of his forebears wearing boots that once belonged to his father’s teacher, Howard Pyle. We all inhabit the past. We live among ghosts. And now Andrew Wyeth, who knew this better than anyone, is himself history.

I discovered Andrew Wyeth in a high school English textbook when I was a sophomore. His painting, Christina’s World was opposite a poem by Robert Frost. I remember being in awe of the painting, carrying the book home from school that day, not to read, but simply to stare at the painting, taking in all the rich details, lines, and subtle colors.

The discovery of the painter, Andrew Wyeth ranks as one of five thrilling discoveries in art in my young life: Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World, Michelangelo’s David, Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and Monet’s Haystacks.