A nice weekend with a blue sky and cool temperatures had me outside where I could hear some birds twittering and I overheard a little bird speaking in a surprisingly human voice. This little bird overheard some other little bird saying that there is some secret construction going on in the old section of Fort Chaffee, Arkansas in preparation to bring some GITMO detainees to stay in some of the old renovated housing. Possibly the money is being provided by the funds from the stimulus. Hmmm. Wouldn’t put it past Obama. Arkansas really turned up her nose at him this year in the election. I knew there would have to be some pay back.

Just a couple of weeks ago the board of directors voted in no uncertain terms that our city does not want any detainees brought anywhere near our city. But there is one director on the board who was against that vote and may be working with the administration. Still, I better not name names.