“He’ll only break your Heart.” What an apt title for this thoughtful summary of the past six weeks of madness of the Obama Administration.

Matthias Reynolds, like a kindly Dr. Marcus Welby, gently explains to those taken in by Barack Obama’s two year campaign of Hopenchange that this president is just not really into us, the America we’ve known for the past two hundred thirty years. Obama wants to construct a better, smarter, more socialistic Amerika, one which redistributes the wealth (as many of us warned he would) and is done with fighting the war on terror. We have no enemies, from without, according to Obama, our chief enemy is that big mouth entertainer Rush Limbaugh, who is telling the truth too loudly and too well, so must be stopped.

Matthias Reynolds writes:

Beyond the money issue, what about our personal safety? We are at war. The ghosts of three thousand murdered souls still roam the streets of Lower Manhattan and seven years later their dust is still kicked up by the late winter wind. They were annihilated by people who want us dead; but it seems that your beau feels that the war Islamic Fundamentalists have declared on our family, on our home, is not worthy of public recognition. Why else would his first speech to Congress not mention terrorism in a meaningful way? Why else would Janet Napalitano decline to mention terrorism in her first address to the House Homeland Security Committee? Wasn’t her department created to protect us in the wake of 9/11? Do they really think that choosing to ignore this problem will make it go away? Isn’t that the sort of thinking, or lack thereof, that has exacted such a heavy toll on the family?

So far, Obama’s had the help of a willing media to carry his water, although they’re sloshing it more clumsily across the airwaves with every passing day. It must be getting tedious to report the falling away of another Obama-ite as with Jim Cramer’s statement today that the Obama “agenda is destroying the life savings of millions of Americans.”

I never thought it would be merely six weeks before Americans would start looking back wistfully to the moral and sane days of the George W. Bush administration but it is already beginning to happen. In this post I predicted that it would happen within twenty months. How wrong I was. But perhaps not. This is just the beginning of the spiraling down of our country. How will it look twenty months from now?