You’d think we were living in pre-Revolutionary France these days, what with the utterings and declamations coming out of Congress to deflect the flack of their own making with the stimulus, tarp and AIG mess. It’s enough to depress any normally optimistic American.

Senator Charles Grassley’s emotional demand to the employees of AIG to either give back their bonuses, resign or commit suicide was an outrageous over the top leap into Robespierre territory.

Then there were the Democrats, outdoing each other in their outrageousness. Senator Chris Dodd, who at first denied slipping in AIG bonus protections in the stimulus bill to CNN a few days later confessed that yes, he did do it because the Treasury made him do it.

Rep. Barney Frank simply shrugged his shoulders when he was told about the death threats made against the AIG executives by Edward Liddy.

Edward Liddy read this threat, after which Frank smirked, “I am not persuaded:”

All of the people should be executed with piano wire around their neck.

From The Corner we learn this:

The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies as part of a sweeping plan to overhaul financial regulation,” according to government officials who spoke to the New York Times (emphasis added).

We were told that the change Obama would bring to America and the world would lower the level of the oceans, make our enemies like us better and usher in a world of happy hopefulness. Less beheadings. More hope. Something like that. Never knew exactly what really. But things are definitely a little shaky now. Even Obama’s picks in the NCAA Basketball Tournament haven’t done so well. John McCain’s creamed him.

Senator Judd Gregg warned this weekend that Barack Obama’s budget will drive the United States into bankruptcy. Powerline has the details of the earmarks in the Democrats’ recent omnibus appropriation bill. Prepare to be enraged if you go over to see it. Talk about bread and circuses.

And then there was Obama’s despicable joke about The Special Olympics. In his heart the man revealed himself to be crass, tacky and mean. Now I know why Michelle Obama thought America was downright mean. She’s hung around with Barack and people like him most of her life. Now that she’s getting out more and visiting military folks (a cynical choice one might suppose) she will find a kinder, giving, and more loving America that will embrace her for her efforts.

But what about the employees and executives of AIG who are now finding themselves targeted by the Congress, the media and many of the American people? There are some crazies out there who are making threats and some who are now being “organized” to take a bus trip to see where they live.

Pillars of the community are now pariahs fearing for their safety in a ritzy area of Connecticut home to many executives at American International Group Inc., hit with a backlash over bonuses it paid to top brass even as it accepted federal bailout money.

A group of community organizers connected to Acorn are out to terrorize the families of the AIG executives. A bus tour was organized this weekend by the Connecticut Working Families Party to pay a visit to the doorsteps of these executives’ homes and of course, they are claiming that this isn’t a threat to these families.

If these are the tactics those who are close to the Obama administration will use when his poll numbers are still relatively high what will happen when his polls drop lower?

The Obama administration’s appallingly lackluster first two months and the mishandling of the U.S. economy by Geithner and Obama should cause them second thoughts about casting blame on others and especially on the previous administration. When compared to President Bush, Obama is beginning to pale in many areas. Competence comes to mind. Communication, unbelievably is another area where Obama is falling short.

In short, from the White House spokesman on up in the administration, straight talk is hard to find. One begins to wonder what our allies are thinking about the many blunders coming out of the White House as well. One wonders why Obama doesn’t know the meaning of the term, “Man up.”

Favras, Thomas de Mahay, Marquis de (1744-1790)

The Marquis de Favras was caught by the radicals of the French Revolution as he plotted to help Louis XVI escape. Convicted of treason after a two month trial, he was handed his official death sentence by the court clerk as he was led to the scaffold. He looked at the sentence and said, “I see that you have made three spelling mistakes.”

A tough man, that Favras, who wouldn’t crack even when handed his death sentence.

Obama can’t even crack a joke without blowing it.