“Oh, Rob.”

Ann Althouse laments:
What’s the point of writing about fashion if you can’t say cutting, critical things?

The old Robin Givhan, the snarky, reliably leftist fashionista at the Washington Post, assigned to cover Michelle Obama, finds herself with little critical or even interesting tidbits of snark. Not one piece of snark can Ms. Givhans give up.


Has Michelle Obama really scaled the heights of fashion in our nations’ capital? Is she really America’s answer to Princess Diana? Are scads of American women running out to purchase clothing like Michelle’s as they did when Jackie O reigned as our nations’ First Lady?


Is Mrs. Obama more of a Laura Petrie or an Aunt Bee?

My fashion advice to Mrs. Obama: wear less black, and more colors. Watch your hemline. Smile more. Enjoy fashion. Keep weeding the garden.

Americans enjoy having a first lady who looks good, smiles a lot and has interesting causes. We don’t care for pushy women (or any unelected spouses) who intrude themselves into the business of the government.

Stay out of the West Wing. It’s definitely not good for fashion.