For the past forty years feminists have urged women to run for office because “Women are more honest, have more common sense, and empathy.” Another unspoken but obvious implication was that the softer side of women’s personalities, the emotions, would eventually bring a kinder - softer national life. Men in political office had to learn very quickly how to achieve success in the world of weepy women.

President George H. W. Bush successfully campaigned for president in 1988 by using the slogan, “A kinder, and gentler nation,” which was coined by former speechwriter, Peggy Noonan. (who has proven to be a disappointment to all who used to read her work for its common sense)

It’s been an interesting but also a discouraging sociological experience watching the nation take on the extra flotsam and jetsam that adding women into the political mix required. Sure, equal pay and all that jazz has been a great thing for women.

But how has it really worked out with women dominating political life for the past twenty or so years? I’ve watched some female Republicans go to Washington D.C. and after serving for a while, soften their policies and turn into moderates, like their fellow male Republican representatives. Others have remained tough but they are few and far between. Congresswoman, Michelle Bachman had a tough time of it during her recent re-election but she seems to be sticking to her guns.

How has it worked out for the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? What has she accomplished in her days as Speaker besides pushing through her extreme liberal agenda. Has she exhibited any of the qualities of the mythic, honest, common sensical female politician which supposedly makes them automatically superior to men, and would cause them to stand up and object to anything done on our nations’ behalf that is wrong?

Although Nancy Pelosi continues to deny that she was briefed by the Bush White House on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques as early 2002, evidence mounts that she is simply lying.

That she was briefed and did not object to waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques back in 2002 makes life uncomfortable for Pelosi today because she has to stick to the Obama Make Bush Pay script.

She didn’t make any objection back when she was playing an important oversight role on a congressional committee, so in essence Pelosi approved of the CIA Protocols.

Watching her deny the obvious is just more evidence that Nancy Pelosi is simply a hack who should be hounded out of office. If truth had any value in Pelosi’s universe she would simply have told it. That she hasn’t makes her a total shill.