Kris Allen, American Idol

Kris Allen "Falling Slowly" (TOP7 - MOVIE WEEK) - Funny videos are here

Kris Allen won American Idol last night. It’s my opinion that he actually began to win back in week 7 (April 14th) when he sang the Irish song, Falling Slowly.

That’s really the first week I began to watch this season’s Idol. I’ve always been a fan but this year I was just too busy to commit but my niece, Maine urged our family to please watch and support Kris Allen, of Conway, Arkansas. Kris’ wife, Katy is a good friend of Maine’s, in fact, before Idol, Katy was the star of the family. At the University of Arkansas, Katy was homecoming queen.

I was actually in the hospital when I first saw Kris performing Falling Slowly. I was recovering from two surgeries in one week. I won’t go into the details because I am now back on the road to health and everything turned out well (and benign) but it was a good choice for me to start watching American Idol again. Music is truly good for one’s soul. I know it’s been good for me. When I saw the above video of Kris, I saw a winner.

Kris Allen won American Idol without once assaulting American ears with screeching, something both Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey cannot claim. Kris didn’t have to cloak himself in the stylings of Aerosmith or Queen or raid his mother’s makeup bag for her tube of extra-strength mascara.

Kris Allen took every song he was presented with, sang them and made them into his own. With Kris Allen, American Idol viewers discovered a new and unique, and unaffected talent. I predict that Kris will be big. America bypassed the obvious preferences of Simon Cowell and the rest of the AI judges and made the right choice.