Yesterday I went to an art workshop/Share Day for art teachers in Paris, Arkansas. The workshop was excellent, full of ideas and art lessons as well as hands-on activities. The workshop was led by the art teacher at Paris, High School.

It was the best art seminar/workshop I have ever attended. The above art piece was done by all the art teachers who attended the workshop yesterday. It was inspired by a “journey.” Each of us was asked to brainstorm what a “journey” would mean to us. Then, we were asked to paint our journey.

My part of the painting is the Cathedral of Notre Dame with the sea of blue around it. Now that I think of it, that was an appropriate addition to the piece since I was painting in Paris, AR and the cathedral is in Paris, France.

That didn’t occur to me yesterday but that is not surprising. The entire day was an art experience. I didn’t take notice of the time as I have done in some workshops. If anything, the time passed by too quickly.