There are a lot of things to be happy about this summer but watching the news has definitely not been one of them. Without a doubt, the coverage of the Obama administration by the lame stream media has to be the number one item that has made me sick.

Physically sick. Really.

So, herewith are things that have really disgusted me this summer.

1. The news coverage of the Obama adminstration by the lame stream media.

2. The unending attacks on Sarah Palin have been sickening. After nearly a year of unprecedented attacks on not only Sarah Palin but also her family, she announced today that she will be stepping down as governor of Alaska. Many commentators found fault today with Gov. Palin for stepping down from her elected position a year and a half early.

I have a feeling that this day, July 3rd, is the start of the 2012 election.

I don’t find that idea sickening at all. I find it heartening.

3. What is truly sickening? The fact that the usual Palin haters were even more inflamed by her announcement today and in their commentary chose the most negative take. They used their appearance as an opportunity to throw out even more insults. The recent Vanity Fair hit-piece by Todd Purdum (husband of Dee Dee Myers I believe) with the nasty little snipes against Sarah’s character that were contributed by McCain staffers is a disgusting piece of politics of personal destruction.

It is more than sickening.

It is despicable and one of the reasons why so many people call themselves former Republicans. We expect the Todd Purdums of the world to do their dirty work. We don’t expect paid staffers of a failed campaign to turn on the brightest and best member of that campaign.

They are low-down schmucks. Lower than that, really.

4. David Letterman is sickening. Big-time Sickening. His attack on Gov. Palin and her daughters was disgusting. His so-called apology a week later revealed he wasn’t sorry, he was just satisfying the corporate heads. World Wide Pants needs to be run off television. Here are some things to do to make that happen. Hat tip: Instapundit

5. I’m not finished. Democrats make me sick but I’ve had their number for a long time.

6. The Michael Jackson death coverage is enough already. There is something wrong with hundreds of reporters and thousands of clueless hangers-on without lives of their own who camp out in the street simply to catch a new bit of news about that despicable and disgusting person. No, I never did like his music. His voice was feminine and thin and I didn’t care for his style of hiccupping during his songs.

7. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are downright shady characters. I don’t like them. They make me sick.

They make the Founders sick.

8. I am sick of hearing the news media pronounce Sonia Sotomayor’s name with a Spanish accent. We live in an English speaking country. It makes the reporters look silly and it makes me sick. It’s sad that the Democrats are going to force early confirmation hearings in just a few weeks. It’s even sadder that there are only a few Republicans in the senate who will fight against her confirmation.

9. I am sick of the global warming myth. Why doesn’t anyone ask Al Gore to produce his college transcripts? I want to see the kind of science courses he took and his grades. He turns my stomach.

10. Barack Obama’s leadership as president of the United States has me more than dismayed. His defense of the Honduran president, and his lack of support for the Iranian protesters is more than disheartening. Indeed, it confirms to me that America is stuck for the next four years with a leader who doesn’t like her very much. Barack Obama sides with third world dictators. That doesn’t bode well for our future and it gives me a queasy stomach.

11. The sappy governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, has become a byword for disgusting, straying, unfaithful husbands. His tears for his mistress was nauseating.

12. Barack Obama has made Joe Biden his “point man” on Iraq.

God, that’s sick.

13. There is more but it is late and I can’t dwell on the negativity anymore tonight. Perhaps I will add more tomorrow. But it is the Fourth of July, Independence Day and I choose to celebrate our freedom while I still can.

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