After December 7th, 1941, President Roosevelt stated that the dastardly attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese would live forever as a day of infamy. In this remark, Roosevelt warned us of a direct danger to our freedom.

On July 3rd, 2009 Sarah Palin announced her resignation as the Governor of Alaska. In the last year, she has defended herself from numerous ethics complaints/investigations, all without merit, as well as numerous attacks on her character and her family, costing thousands of dollars, which most Americans can not afford.


Sarah Palin is a woman who cared enough about the corruption in her own state and party to try to do something about it. How was this received by the leaders of her party?

In Alaska, some Republican officials were shaken by Palin’s honesty. She shook up the Old Boys Network but good.

After the election last November McCain refused to come to Palin’s support after his own staff made public allegations against her. Despite this, Sarah Palin continues to defend and support this half man. What about the other great leaders of the grand old party? I have heard none defend her. Now, I know that everyone says politics is a rough and tumble game. My point is, when are the idiots in charge going to realize that it is not a game.

I suppose the loss of credibility that has been evidenced by the Republicans during the last few elections means nothing to these cretins. I am a registered Republican who once had a tremendous faith in my party. The treatment of Sarah Palin by Republicans shows little difference between their callous belief in superiority and the dishonesty of the Democrat Party.

Teamwork is required to win. You do not win by sacrificing your best players.

Palin came from the masses. She is an American mother, a business woman, and a middle class icon. I guess only the rich elite have a chance in the Republican party and the rich elite thieves and crooks in the Democrat party need apply.

By the way, what is the difference between these two aristocracies?

When freedom is simply the permission given by the powerful, then freedom does not exist. Palin did not get permission, therefore she is not allowed to play the game.

Wake up America. July 3rd, 2009 is another day of infamy because your freedom is threatened by those who you have elected.

Robert R. Donoho