I wondered when they put me under if, when I awoke, I would still have my health care.

I stayed in the hospital for eight days and each day, as I grew more conscious, I heard news accounts of mobs of people screaming at representatives at Town Hall Meetings. Democrats’ Steny Hoyer and Nancy Pelosi claimed these Americans were bringing swastikas to the meetings. I began to wonder if it was just the pain killers confusing me. Now I know how Rip Van Winkle felt. Americans, in their civic duty are attending town hall meetings and are being called right wing crazies and nazis simply because they didn’t tow the Democrats’ line.


Now, it seems I do still have my health care, so far, anyway, thanks to the efforts of many Americans asking questions at town hall meetings. Asking questions, according to many in the media and the Obama administration is equal to treasonous activity. According to Nancy Pelosi it is unpatriotic to ask questions about the Democrat’s health care plans.

Jeeze. Louise. (but not Harry) We are un-American because either we have questions about Obama’s health care or we like the health care we have? In my case, I am lying in the hospital bed watching the news on a flashing television that is causing migraines but I want to know what is going on in the world (which in my case is a sign I am improving) and it becomes apparent to me that Democrats are not having good fun at these Town Hall meetings. They either don’t have adequate answers for their constituents or they don’t care to reveal them.

I’m in the hospital without a computer or the ability to blog but I am blogging in my mind throughout one night. Unable to sleep, my mind was racing with all my thoughts of health care, that I am receiving and the care I would lose if Obama’s plans were to pass.

This is my first hospitalization since the birth of my third child; my health problems didn’t start until three days after Obama’s inauguration. I’m not blaming him, but I’m just saying…….


In the hospital my mind was swirling with thoughts and fears of our future. I couldn’t turn my brain off. My mind wandered to when I was a little girl and my mother told me that it cost my parents one hundred dollars to give birth to me. I was born at the very same hospital where I am being treated. Amazing that it only cost one hundred dollars to be born. My parents paid twenty five dollars to our family doctor/obstetrician and seventy five to the hospital.

When I was five years old, my cousin, Vicky suffered third degree burns over ninety percent of her body when her little dress caught fire. She was playing with matches outside with her brother and friends and when her dress caught fire she began to ran. She spent a year in Sparks Hospital and then another year in the Baptist Childrens’ Hospital in Little Rock for skin grafts. Her father’s military unit gave blood for her many needed blood transfusions. Every Saturday my parents would take me to the hospital to visit with Vicky. We were the same age and I encouraged her to play.


My sister provided some art for my healing.

I will never forget the love and care that was given to my cousin by the hospital staff and her entire family. I spent many of those hours at the hospital with Vicky riding in old fashioned wicker wheel chairs. A very sweet nurse used to push us both sitting together in one chair through the hallways. That was one of Vicky’s favorite treats at the hospital.

When I read that today many people don’t survive third degree burns over ninety percent of their body I catch my breath. So much effort was put into saving Vicky’s life. I remember later, when Vicky and I were teens that my grandmother told me that my Uncle had finally paid all of Vicky’s medical bills. It took him ten years but he did it. No insurance, no medicare, no medicaid, no outside help.

My cousin grew up to become a wife, mom and a contributing member to society.

I remembered other experiences of my family members at this hospital in that night my mind would not sleep. I was just a visitor at the hospital back then. Sparks Hospital has been through many changes over the years. It’s still the oldest hospital in Arkansas. Every time a baby is born a lullaby plays throughout the hospital. It silences you when you hear it and brings tears to your eyes. What a beautiful welcome to the world for the babies.

Hospitals are under pressure nowadays with so many non-paying patients and this economy is not helping. It’s taken me a few days to hash out this piece because I am still recovering but I am recovering. I am proud of my fellow Americans who are speaking up to those who would rush our economy into ruin and take our health care coverage.

Yes, I like my healthcare. I have good private insurance that would most likely go away if Obama Care is passed.

Obama can’t take it away.

He will not take it away.

No. He won’t!