Watch this video of an elderly woman’s attempt to cross the road and a disrespectful thirty something’s reaction to her.

It’s rich.

The man is in a hot sports car and is impatient with the woman’s slow progress across the road. It’s evident that he thinks she is just an obstacle in his way so he honks his horn at her. He doesn’t recognize her humanity and he certainly doesn’t get out of his car to see if he can assist her in any way.

No. He just wants her out of the way.

Although Barack Obama claims that the American people are “wee-weed” up about his plans to nationalize health care in reality it’s Mr. Obama himself and his fellow leftists in congress who are in that odd condition due to the strong disapproval the American people are showing at town hall meetings.

“Wee-weed up” is an odd and undignified phrase to come out of an American presidents mouth and I, for one, am at a loss to make any sense of it. I recall an incident that happened when my son was three years old. He had to have exploratory surgery on his “private parts.” When the technician took him to have an xray, she explained to him that they were going to take a picture of his “wee wee.” He looked at her and said, “Well, it’s not gonna smile.”

That response got all over the hospital in nothing flat.

I remember the nursery rhyme. “This Little Piggy.” I loved reciting that to my kids when they were little and I would grab their toes as I said it. One line said this: “This little piggy went wee wee wee.” The kids loved it.

But for an American president to engage in such bathroom language sounds to me that Obama was at a loss for words and certainly, he would have been, not having the help of his teleprompter. I recall that the left called former President George W. Bush stupid because of his unique, invented words like stratagery. Well, at least that word had more shrewdness than “wee-weed Up.”

The Bookworm Room has an analysis of Obama’s rhetorical flourishes.

Why have Obama’s approval numbers dropped so precipitously? Why are Democrat plans for health care so unpopular?

One reason? Sarah Palin’s take down of the death panels on her Facebook page. Now she’s talking tort reform.

Another reason? The American people can read and have been reading the thousands of pages of dreck the Democrats want to impose on this free people. Most of these Americans do not appreciate being called a mob and they don’t like being called stupid.

In addition, Obama has insulted the doctors and surgeons of this country with his ignorant comments about tonsillectomies and cardiology.

Seniors in this country have the right to be very afraid. Even the New York Times is admitting that Obamacare will send the grandparents of this nation to an early grave.

Then there is the performance of the stimulus on the nations economy.

Not so hot.

So Obama reminds me of the smart aleck young man in the sports car, honking at the old lady. An airbag to the face is what the jerk got for his incivility.

Obama is dropping in the polls.