Obama and his speech to school children. Really. How lame was that? Now that he’s attempting speech number thirty on health care tonight will anyone really be tuning in? Not me. If I ever did have any faith in the man it’s long gone down the road.

My husband and I will be watching reruns of NCIS tonight. No crucial prime time sales pitches/lectures from Obama for us.

I will, however, be checking out Michelle Malkin’s speech tailgate party.

My husband and I like our health care now and don’t want to go back to the days of congress tinkering with our military health care. We had it pretty good when we were not living near an Army hospital and had to seek out civilian doctors. Champus was a pretty good deal back then. We were required to file our claims individually and I was very diligent in doing that and the reimbursement from Champus was timely.

When we lived overseas we were not so lucky. If we were fortunate enough to live near a military hospital we had a chance to be seen but not necessarily by a doctor. Some procedures (like colonoscopies) were not available to dependents.

Worse than that, however, were the dreaded German hospitals. One of my friends (who was in her mid-thirties) had an emergency which necessitated a trip to the hospital. There was no military hospital anywhere near her post so she had to go to a German hospital. She sat in the hospital hallways until her appendix burst and then she got a near fatal case of peritonitis. She lost fifteen pounds in that short time. (and she was thin to begin with)

My friend had to deal with double-double government health care and it wasn’t pretty.

There were so many other nightmarish events that happened in the government run hospitals during my husband’s thirty years in the military that it might give me bad dreams if I write any more.

Suffice it to say that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would never admit themselves to a military hospital.

Don’t get me started on what happened to my husband and my daughter in Walter Reed.

I can see nothing good in the future for Americans if they allow Obama and the Democrats to push through a government option, (public option) or a non-government option or a co-op or with triggers.

A trigger clause written deeply into the healthcare reform bill seems to be Obama’s fail-safe.

Interesting that the gun hating Obama administration would employ that word.