So Barack Obama has only met with General Stanley McChrystal once since McChrystal’s appointment to head up the Afghanistan theater?


But not surprising.

Obama’s just not into the military, or victory for that matter. Except for ordering a general to shave Stephen Colbert’s head the dithering Barack has stayed as far away from making decisive decisions in regards to military deployments as he can.

As he flits off to Copenhagen tomorrow to seize the credit for what is a probable forgone conclusion of the selection of Chicago for the 2016 Olympics Obama will be in his comfort zone. Our president prefers Faux TV pundits, adoring crowds and the forced singing of little children.

The hubris of the man continues to amaze.

When it comes to national security Obama sides with the Ahmadinejads of the world. As Victor Davis Hanson points out, Obama hasn’t strayed from his base when it comes to their expressed desires. If Obama is willing to go against the American people when it comes to health care reform there is little evidence that he will grant General McChrystal’s request for a troop surge. At this time Americans are war weary, and Obama’s begun to separate himself from the Afghanistan mission.

Yesterday Obama called the war in Afghanistan not purely an “American battle” but it was a broader NATO mission, a multinational effort. That has been true from the early days of the war but it is still primarily an American mission. I suspect a little side stepping in that statement.

The Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said yesterday that he agrees with General McChrystal on the conditions on the ground in Afghanistan.

Will we soon see another czar appointment, a War Czar? Mr. O would never want to endure his own personal failure but if an American war effort fails?

The man is just not into it.