It’s bad enough that the upstate New York GOP establishment considered Dede Scozzafava the best candidate for John McHugh’s old seat but now (predictably) they have big time egg on their face for not selecting an actual Republican to run.

Scozzafava got out of the NY District 23 congressional race this weekend because she is losing and like the vicious, worse-than-a-RINO that she truly is, Scozzafava is now urging her supporters to vote for the Democrat in the race. Oh yes, she still claims to be a Republican but we now know for sure what she really is.

Of course, many of us understood that Scozzafava was not a Republican before her withdrawal from the race.

Scozzafava is like many women in Congress (not all of course) who are very pliable to the current cultural milieu. They want the approval of their peers more than doing what is right. They get a thrill up their leg when Chuck Schumer comes calling.

And when they don’t get their way, they get vicious. Scozzafava is no statesman.

That’s why I would never put my trust in the moderate Democrats who are wavering over the health care bill. I’m not counting on Senators Blanche Lincoln or Mark Pryor to do the right thing. Given enough pressure from the Obama administration they will roll over and vote the way Obama wants.

Blanche Lincoln is running for re-election in Arkansas in 2010 and is polling terribly which is the only reason she is pretending to be concerned about the public option. Lincoln’s like Scozzafava in more ways than one.

The biggest winner in all of this, of course, is the great Sarah Palin who doesn’t cast her finger to the wind to decide what she believes. She was the first prominent Republican who endorsed Scozzafava’s conservative party opponent, Doug Hoffman and many other endorsements followed hers.

The biggest loser (sadly) is Newt Gingrich, who continued to defend his support of Scozzafava until she dropped out. Newt has hurt himself very badly in this escapade and contrasted with former governor Palin looks like a callous calculator.

The thing is…we need to stop Barack Obama in his mission to fundamentally transform the United States of America. We don’t need faux Republican representatives who, like Scozzafava, take calls from the likes of Chuck Schumer. We need to send bold conservatives who will fight the Obama transformation with conviction, courage and clarity. Politicians who deem it better to play along with instead of confronting Obama’s radical changes need to be sent home.

Sissy Willis shows us how it can be done.