In a Massachusetts Miracle Scott Brown won tonight, handily defeating Martha Coakley for the Senate seat long held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. Think about it! A Republican won in Massachusetts! This has to be a huge body blow to Barack Obama and his agenda. ( as it should be)

My hearty congratulations to the people of Massachusetts; after forty years of Democrat/Kennedy rule, the seat has returned to the citizens.

I’ve been watching this race for quite some time, especially after Sissy Willis cast her light fantastic on Scott Brown’s campaign.

Will Brown’s win make Senator Blanche Lincoln regret her pathetic dithering and subsequent yes vote on the health care bill? Will Arkansas follow in Massachusett’s revolutionary footsteps?
Will Blanche also be defeated in November? (as she should be)

Thank you Scott Brown for your gutsy campaign. It gives hope to those of us in Arkansas who are sick and tired of the two gutless Democrat senators who have supported Obama’s agenda every step of the way and out of the other sides of their mouths have pretended to be moderates.

Just like Senator Scott Brown said tonight in his victory speech, we can do better.