My niece, Maine, finally found a proper chair to sit in at the Manor House in Eniskillen, Northern Ireland. She traveled to Ireland with her boyfriend and his family to celebrate Christmas with the grandmoms, aunts and uncles who still live there.

Maine didn’t escape the typical marriage questions from her own family, “when are you and Daniel getting married?” She was peppered by that question by the female side of the Irish.

Maine is like a lion and when she roars everyone listens. She is a blogger now, as well as an artist, and an actor studying the art to earn a Masters in Fine Art in Austin at the University of Texas. We really missed her at Christmas and we are glad she is back for at least a little while.

Christmas was a whirlwind of cooking, wrapping presents, decorating the tree and watching the Christmas lights as we drove to visit family. SNOW! It snowed on Christmas Eve. It was glorious and made me remember what it was like to be a child.

The best Christmas gift is always an act of love and I was the recipient of a very sacrificial and loving gift from my daughter, Charlotte. When she found out that Sarah Palin was appearing at a bookstore in Norman, Oklahoma she stayed out all night the night before to get a ticket, (it was extremely cold) and then stood in line for four hours the next afternoon in order to see Sarah Palin and to get her to sign the book she had bought for me. Here she is, in line with a smile on her face as she is meeting Sarah. I’m halfway through her book and it is revealing the authentic Sarah Palin, a tremendously exciting American citizen with a rich and unique history and story.

When I read the letter Sarah wrote to her children and family about her soon to be born, baby boy,Trig it brought tears to my eyes. This is a gifted, intelligent, thoughtful and exemplary woman America has met and embraced, thanks to Senator John McCain. No wonder liberals and the Obama administration are going nuts over Sarah Palin. To which I say, you’ve got nothing, nothing, to counter an authentic, American like Sarah Palin. She has captured the imagination of the citizens of the United States who wish it to remain the United States of America, not the world.

So, Sarah is roaring and it is my deepest wish and aspiration to help her roar. The Republicans, the Tea Partiers and the American people need to be very proactive in our desire to stop the Obamanization of our country. 2010 is the time for all of us to roar our opposition to the socialization of our nations’ economy, health care system, banking system, and the Democrats plans to tax us all to death.

What does it say about Obama’s take on America’s national security that it took three days for Obama to make a statement about the Christmas terrorist and only four hours for his operatives to hit back at former Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism of their anemic response? I prefer a lions’ response to the enemies of our nation, not the mousy little timid approach that the Obama administration gave us.

Who do you think is our nations’ enemy Mr. Obama?


So what did Charlotte do after she met Sarah Palin? She went to Hollywood to see the premier of Avatar.

Happy New Year! 2010 will be a year to remember. Just hide and watch.

Sissy Willis is roaring her opposition to Martha Coakley, the Ted Kennedy senatorial replacement candidate.