I was home, sick with a cold yesterday but I was still excited that snow was coming. Even though the weather forecasters were iffy about snow reaching the river valley I was convinced that we would have snow because I had seen the snow moon the other night.


This morning, after a crappy night of sleep, before I even opened my eyes, I could feel the snow. Snow causes a brightness in the atmosphere even on a cloudy day. I opened my eyes and jumped out of bed to see the white landscape out of the window.


I went out on the porch in my pajamas to capture the scene. Snow before coffee. Snow before internet. Snow and prayers, however. The verse, “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”, came to mind and I was thankful for answered prayers. My grandson’s fever broke in the night, his pneumonia is better today.


Yes, the Christmas door decoration is still up. My husband asked me to leave it up until his birthday which is in mid February. We had five inches of snow yesterday, it’s still cold today so we should be able to enjoy the snow this weekend. The roads are really icy, there is very little traffic on our street. The serenity is sweet. So far, no power failure but if there is, we are prepared. My husband and I spent most of our adult lives in northern climes so we know snow. Unfortunately, the folks down here aren’t as experienced when driving on ice and snow and there were many accidents yesterday. More fender benders than serious situations, thankfully.

I’m currently reading Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe Series; yes, it’s all about soldiering and war and history but last summer when I was laid up, recovering from three surgeries, I picked up the first book in my husband’s collection of Cornwell’s books and was hooked. So, if we lose power, I will continue to read Sharpe’s Eagles while we have light.


A pretty good weekend despite a nasty cold. I’ve tried to stay away from the news but I did check it out a while ago and the news that Obama is taking on college football is really Clintonesque. By the time Obama is finished with the NCAA and the BCS we will not recognize American football. It will be larded up with the kinds of corruption we’ve seen in “ObamaCare.”
Orin Hatch will rue the day he ever attempted to legislate a playoff system.

Then, there is Obama’s attempt to snow the Republicans and the American people.

I’m going to go make a snow angel.