My great grandfather and his horse and buggy. His horse was named Bob.

No worries back then about sudden acceleration or loss of steering.

Oh wait.

A sting by a bee or a wasp could have done some damage and caused a great deal of acceleration.

As much as I love horses I don’t want to go back to the horse and buggy, nor do I want to ride a bicycle everywhere.

I love cars.

I really do.

Cars with power. Cars that are large enough to protect my family. Cars that are reliable and comfortable.

The only foreign car I have ever owned was a Volkswagon van and I didn’t love it.

I have never been a Toyota customer, I don’t like teeny little cars and can’t stand the name of one of it’s most well known vehicles, the “Camry.” Who came up with that whiny name? In fact, I’ve always had a problem with the names of Toyota’s cars.

But that’s the least of the car maker’s problems.

The Toyota company is knee deep in recalls and invitations to testify before congress. I find this news article suspect, however.

I have to wonder if the Obama administration might be going after Toyota for political reasons.

In Japan, some Toyota executives have privately questioned whether the U.S. government’s majority ownership of GM has colored the Toyota investigation. GM is Toyota’s largest competitor, both in the U.S. and overseas. One senior Japanese auto executive in the U.S. described the probe as “60% political,” and asked whether federal regulators were “trying to help GM by vilifying Toyota.”

Recall Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s outrageous statement telling Toyota owners not to drive their cars.

Will Americans one day be driving a government prescribed car, except for the very elite?

I love my 2009 Pontiac Vibe. It’s sad that after 2010, there will be no more Pontiacs.