The wisteria is blooming all around. This year it is rampant and glorious.


It blooms where it will, overtaking every hedge, bush and tree by twining their stems either clockwise or counter-clockwise round any available support. Some gardeners consider wisteria an invasive species in certain areas.

But I welcome it.


Our wisteria rings around the yard, encircling the property. All of Nature seems to be singing loudly this Spring, the flowering bushes, the daffodils, the bridal wreath, and the birds in the trees.

But the wisteria is absolutely shouting this year. The year of wisteria…..and tea parties. The Tea Party movement has much in common with wisteria. When wisteria is mature it blooms everywhere, is very hardy and fast growing and will not be stopped unless cut down.


May the Tea Party Movement continue to bloom and grow, to the highest of heights, bringing the people on until they encircle the old diseased woods of socialism and restore our freedom.