Obama holds no brief for pelicans.

Thoughts that have occurred to me lately while I was away from the keyboard…

It seems to me that the White House has worked harder at offering jobs to Democrats they want out of the way than in actually doing the things that will ignite our economy and create real jobs.

How many weeks did it take for Obama to respond to the tragic oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill in the Gulf? Was there ever any kind of Obama administration response to the floods in Nashville?

I came to the conclusion that Obama couldn’t care less about the South after the presidential election in 0-8. Arkansas and Louisiana rejected Obama even more strongly than they did John Kerry in the 0-4 election. I suspected then that there would be hell to pay for the states that voted strongly for McCain. It seems to me that the Obama administrations’ belated response to the horror in the Gulf has been grudging to say the least. Obama seems to be annoyed that he has had to travel south to see the impact in person.

On Day forty nine of the oil spill Louisiana fisheries, oil industries and the hospitality industry are suffering and will be hurting for many years to come. There hasn’t been much in the way of constructive concern coming from the White House for the economic devastation that will most certainly occur.

My daughter-in-law’s father was killed in a horrible accident on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana when she was thirteen years old. Her family has suffered from that good man’s loss. It’s very sad that there has been very little mention of the deaths of the eleven men who died in the explosion on the oil rig.

Knowing how much my Louisiana relatives love everything to do with fishing, boating and all the unique ways of life the state offers, it makes me sad that their world as they know it is upside down. Now the livelihoods of so many in the Gulf states are threatened.

Then there was the Helen Thomas outing this weekend. She was finally revealed as the anti-semitic, pro-Palestinian hag that she is. I never understood why the White House press corps sat in the same room with the woman during the years of President George W. Bush. She was so over-the-top biased against President Bush that it was sickening.

This woman’s downfall was a long time coming but it was inevitable. Yesterday was the anniversary of D-Day and my husband and I watched one of the few tributes to it on the Military Channel. Kind of ironic that Ms. Thomas met her doom on the 66th anniversary of the allied invasion to free Europe from Hitler.


“Most people in the White House don’t share Helen Thomas’ anti-semitic views,” press secretary, Robert Gibbs said today. “Obviously those remarks are — do not reflect certainly the opinion of most people in here, and certainly not of the administration.”

Hmm. Wonder who in the White House does share Helen Thomas’ views?