6:10 am Central Standard Time

I am up taking my dog, Penny out to do what little doggies do, plus things Penny, in particular, likes to do. Penny has very sharp eyes and can see a quarter mile away to the end of the now brown yard where, in front of the hedges, sits a very still brown rabbit. Penny freezes, her nose is fixed in place, one paw seems to be pointing straight ahead and we stand there for what seems like an eternity, although it’s probably about a minute. I am pretty patient with Penny because I like to see what she will do. I move steadily forward, Penny stays fixed.

After another quiet eternity I feel the need to get the rabbit hunt moving along so I edge a few more steps forward. Still eyeing her prey, Penny doesn’t move at all. Neither does the rabbit.

Penny has me on a leash. I have moved to the end of it. I am anticipating coffee and a quiet morning inside the house and yet Penny is transfixed by the silly rabbit.

I tighten my grip on the leash. I stomp on the ground. Penny leaps and leads me flying across the yard only to end up sniffing frantically under the hedge because the rabbit has disappeared under it.

That adventure sadly concluded, I give Penny a consolation stroll back round the house and she decides to take a turn up the hill and to the right. There at the end of the backyard sits a very large calico cat. This cat is so large that when my husband has taken Penny out at night he has mistakenly identified her as a bobcat, a possum, or some other kind of “panther” of the night. After he got new glasses he realized that she is just a really large cat. Whatever, Penny believed his reaction and was very frightened of “Calico”.

I suppose Penny has learned a healthy respect for cats from our own in-house felines, Amos and Sabby, so she just paused and glanced at the Calico and turned to go back down the hill.

We were back in the house by 6:26 am and I was sipping coffee and checking out the news by 6:40 am. Instapundit had already posted four or five links by the time I had taken my dog outside. Does he not have a dog or cat to tend to? I know he can schedule links and all that but he comes up with great takes and succinct and economical commentary all day and night.

Evidence of a dog-less lifestyle? Perhaps more interest in all things bacon?

I find this particular link striking. It makes me think of President George W. Bush and his stirring words about every human heart’s desire for freedom. Now Iranians are responding in an important way. They are defying the Islamic Republic fatwa against owning dogs and are buying and selling dogs online. Yes, dogs as pets are good for human hearts. (cats too)