Because she nails it with this article about Barak Obama, Bill Frist and the Clintons. She writes…….

And there are the Clintons. There are always the Clintons. The man for whom Barack Obama worked so hard in 1992 showed up with his wife this week to take center stage at Billy Graham’s last crusade in New York. Billy Graham is a great man. He bears within him deep reservoirs of sweetness, and the reservoirs often overflow. It was embarrassing to see America’s two most famous political grifters plop themselves in the first row dressed in telegenic silk and allow themselves to become the focus of sweet words they knew would come.

Why did they feel it right to inject a partisan political component into a spiritual event? Why take advantage of the good nature and generosity of an old hero? Why, after spending their entire adulthoods in public life, have they not developed or at least learned to imitate simple class?

When I was growing up there was a woman in our town who would show up at every school and social function in her ratty mink coat and fake diamond rings. She married a lot and was probably an embarrassment to her very sweet daughters. My mother told me that she was the town grifter. That was the first time I ever heard that word and I think of the ratty mink woman when I think of the Clintons. Both of them.

Everything is always all about them. They take advantage of gracious people such as Billy Graham and George Herbert Walker Bush. I don’t understand why people can’t see through them. Well, Peggy does.

Hugh Hewitt was just talking about Noonan’s article which compelled me to read, post and comment on it and he made another important point. Last night the news media and Democrats tried to imply that the troops at Fort Bragg who were present at President Bush’s speech did not applaud because they did not approve of President Bush. Nothing could be further from the truth.

As Hugh Hewitt just said, President Bush didn’t want the speech to be all about him hence the non-pep rally atmosphere at the speech.

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