Byron York writes about the Karl Rove perjury allegations the leftist press is breathlessly, hopefully, Truly, Madly, Deeply promoting in an attempt at the very least to slime the Bush administration and make Karl Rove Die Hard as Something the Lord Made but will most likely turn into a Snow Cake blowing back on ole Blow Dry Joseph Wilson who took An Awfully Big Adventure to taste mint tea in Africa and considers himself a Revolutionary Witness but is in reality a Rasputin more interested in self promotion than even Love Actually as he leaked his wife’s spy status thus he couldn’t be that interested in her covertness and especially not in any Sense and Sensibility. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has more truth to tell than old Joe Wilson who isn’t my idea of The Winter Guest I would be interested in hosting. I’m thinking that Joe could have played Cornelius Fudge in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Well, whatever, Bryon York nails it and deserves my Golden Hammer Award. This ever shrinking story makes me want to Close My Eyes.