Adorable son and daughter of Chief Justice John G. Roberts watch as he is sworn in at the White House.

What an insipid article……..

John G. Roberts Jr. is breathing the kind of air that the rest of us can only dream about, the air of kings and queens and one-name celebrities like Oprah. He’s got Mick Jagger juice now, baby.

They’re the folks who possess that rarest of powers — they’ve got a job for life. Roberts is right up there with the pope in terms of job security. That is, as long as he lives up to the Constitution’s demand of “good behavior.”

After being sworn in yesterday afternoon as the nation’s 17th chief justice, Roberts said he planned to show up at the office today. But if he doesn’t, there’s not a thing anybody can do about it. The media might fuss and others might grumble, but that would be it. It would take an act of Congress to fire the guy.