Here is a great account of a recent surprise visit by President Bush to a plane full of troops bound for Iraq. I can just imagine what an uplifting experience that must have been.

In 1977 my husband, our two year old son and I were “PCS-ing” to Augsburg, Germany. I will never forget the fear that I was feeling while sitting in the plane in Bangor, Maine waiting to take off. I was very fearful of flying at the time and had never before been overseas. My best friend and her sister had been killed in a plane crash (Braniff Airlines) August 6th, 1966 the summer before we were to be sophomores in high school and I had been haunted by her remarks to me when we were in the third grade. (She had told me that she knew she would die young.)

I was frightened for my two year old son and trying to keep him occupied. After we had been in the air for a while I looked out the window and saw the Northern Lights. That scared me even more. Thankfully, we survived the flight and went onto a pleasant three years in Germany. But during this time the military command was warning us about the remnants of the Baader -Meinhof gang and the terror attacks that were going on at the time in Germany. By the time our tour was up, the Iran Hostage Crisis was also occurring. Ronald Reagan was on the scene and my husband and I were determined to vote for him. I eventually overcame my fear of flying.

Our last tour overseas was from 1999 - 2002. We arrived in Germany when Clinton was President and came home with George W. Bush as our President. I pray that the 292 Guardsmen and reservists troops that President Bush visited will arrive home safe and sound in six months or so with George W. Bush as their Commander in Chief.