I’m finding quite a few sites about Scary Kerry. He is pretty creepy. His language is odd too. “Skedaddle” is one word he employs. According to the link “this may be from Scots skiddle, meaning to splash water about or spill. Jonathon Green, in the Cassell Dictionary of Slang, suggests this transferred to the US through “the image of blood and corpses being thus ‘spilled and scattered’ on the battlefield before the flight of a demoralised army”. Is that the kind of imagery Kerry is thinking of?

Here is another scary story about a Kerry supporter destroying someone’s sign. Is that a nice thing to do? Rip signs away from young women and three year old girls?

La Shawn Barber finds Kerry pretty objectionable too. Very interesting site.

It’s only September 26th but something about Kerry makes me think of hobgobblins and sneaky spiders crawling down ones’ spine.

I read here that Kerry is trying another scare tactic.

Another blogger sees a scary man.

And here is a warning.

Scroll down to the end of this link to read about a scary Kerry supporter.

This prescient writer found Kerry scary a while back.