Michelle Malkin has a big post today about the supposed staging of the teleconference that President Bush held with soldiers in Iraq yesterday. She has plenty of links deflating this newest media outrage. But although disgusting this practice is nothing new.

The media has been guilty of creating an appearance of spontaneous news for years. My husband had the opportunity to see this odious practice for himself when he was deployed to Somalia in 1992.

One day as my husband and part of his battalion was out in a convoy he saw a CNN newscrew near a group of Somalis. The crew and the Somalis were blocking the road that my husband’s convoy was attempting to go down so my husband checked into what was going on.

What he saw upset him so much that he called me that very day the first chance he got. He was livid.

He told me that blonde haired white people who were obviously working for CNN were making and handing out signs to the poor Somali people and having them pose for the camera with the signs which said stuff like, “Go home U.S. military.”

Now the news media is claiming that the Bush administration and the U.S. military are “staging” good news about Iraq? Give me a break.

With the media the way it is that is the only way good news can be reported from Iraq even though I do not believe that is what President Bush and the troops were doing yesterday.

But it takes people who actually know how the military operates to understand that fact.

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