That is my prediction for tonight’s debate. I was able to shake Vice President Cheney’s hand at a rally in our town this past summer and he had a warm grasp. He spent time in the ropeline listening to people’s concerns and he was especially nice to my two young nephews. The media has so demonized Dick Cheney that to me he has become an “anti-hero.” (although of course he is a hero) What we will get tonight with Cheney will not be a “What we’ve got here, is, failure, to communicate”moment. He might not use Luke’s ribald language but I do expect to hear something along this line…. Luke: I ain’t heard that much worth listenin’ to. There’s a lot of guys layin’ down a lot of rules and regulations. Cheney will be concise, calm, cool, and unflappable and Edwards will end up with big egg on his pretty, shiny face. Then we will see that ol’ Cheney smile.