Snowy House in Heidelberg

Jeff Jarvis is blogging on this. Glenn Reynolds linked to him and quipped “You think it’s bad now, wait until February. When we lived in Heidelberg we went from November to April with only one sunny day.”

We were stationed in Heidelberg for three years and returned home in late 2002. It’s true that I found Germans to be dour as a people but in small villages they were friendlier. It’s also true that we had many dreary days during the winter months but I remember sunny days as well.

We had the opportunity to meet quite a few German citizens who were in the Germany military and they were warm and gracious people. They had longer haircuts though.

Get through the winter to spring and summer in Germany is fun. People are out walking, and riding bikes but on the autobahn…… watch out. One of my biggest accomplishments in the three years we lived in Germany was my ability to drive with the best of them on the autobahn.

We loved the travel of course but also enjoyed the seasonal food. The spargel, a national delicacy (white asparagus) was wonderful and I loved it prepared in soup. (other ways too)

One reason Germany may be depressed is that the U.S. military is pulling out. A lot of bases have closed and this could be affecting the economy. It might not affect politicians but it does affect the German people who work with Americans.