Rick Brookhiser became a deerslayer on Thanksgiving but it wasn’t a gun but a car that killed the deer. I have also killed a deer but not while hunting.

In late October of 1997 I drove up to West Point, New York to see my son who was a firstie at the time.

One of my daughters also went with me and a friend of my son’s. After the Army football game we went out to eat down the mountain in one of the towns about twenty miles from West Point.

On the way home a deer came out of nowhere on the right hand side of the car. I swerved just a little to the left and caught the deer on the right front end deflecting it off of the right side, underneath the mirror.

My daughter who was riding in the front seat cried and screamed but I just kept on driving. I didn’t stop the car because it was already dark and I was sure that we had killed the deer.

After we got back to West Point my son suggested that we talk to a police officer in Highland Falls to see what we should do. The officer told us that we didn’t need to do anything about the deer but we should get the car seen about.

It was apparent that we had some bad damage and in fact, we had to fly home and leave the car in New York for repairs. We had a busted radiator and damage to the front end.

I was just thankful that my son, daughter and son’s friend were okay. I don’t remember ever feeling so much rage in my life when after the fact I realized that my daughter was just inches away from injury and that the car was turned in just the right direction to keep the deer out of the front windshield. Rage, then relief. I was shaken pretty badly.

New York State needs to do something about their deer problem. When I reported the accident to our insurance agent she told me that there are a lot of people badly hurt or killed by deer in New York state.