Wives of soldiers who are training to go to Iraq are raising money for the troops to be able to come home on leave one more time before they depart.

Reading and Montgomery want the soldiers of Battery C in Rogers to receive the same community support as other troops in the area did when they left for deployment.

They both want to see their husbands again before they leave for Iraq. Currently, their husbands are in training at Fort Dix.

Reading said her husband will acquire about four days of leave time while at the fort.

If he acquires the leave time, then he can come home. However, many soldiers who get leave cannot afford to come home. “For some of them, this is a financial burden,” she said.

Because of this, Reading, who is the support group leader for the wives of the soldiers, is starting to organize a fundraiser. Already, the group raised $10,000 because of a single donation.

She says more than $60,000 is needed before all the soldiers can come home.
The troops who left Rogers for New Jersey will leave for Iraq in March. “It’s hard,” she said. “It’s going to be different, but at the same time I’m very proud of him.”

In Springdale, residents raised enough money to charter an airplane in order to bring troops from a battery there home, she said. “They did it,” Reading said. “I know we can do it.”