November 2nd, 2004 started quietly for me. My husband and I had decided to vote before going to work and we were at our voting place fifteen minutes before it opened. There were about ten people in line before us and by the time we had finished voting the line was out the door. I noticed that most of the people were middle aged like us. Only one twenty something in the line.

So we went to work. Around noon I had a break that enabled me to check out the internet. There wasn’t a lot of news except the reports of the votes already being on the voting machines in PA. So I got back to work and had a busy afternoon. After work I had a meeting to go to that I couldn’t avoid.

I turned on the radio and listened to a very tense Sean Hannity talking about the exit polls. That was a jolt to me and very hard to believe. I really didn’t believe it. I went to my meeting and finally returned home around five in the afternoon and fired up the computer again so I could listen to the Hugh Hewitt Show. I also got on his blog.

Ahhhhhh……..Hugh. What a voice of reason. I read his report and listened to his account of the bogus exit polls and began to believe again. I had decided earlier that whether the election was good or bad I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. I had invited my sister and her sons to spend the night and as we listened to Hugh the news kept getting better. I had a confidence that never flagged that night.

It turned out to be a long one. I took the mute off my channel changer after Hugh’s show ended on the station that I was listening to on the internet and listened to Brit Hume call Florida for Bush. After what seemed like forever he also called Ohio for Bush. Around two A.M. I went to bed. I was the lone awake person in the house (but I enjoy being Wide Awake) and the burst of joy that I was feeling in my heart had to be contained so that I wouldn’t disturb the sleep of those who were sleeping.