Winner and Runnerup

Wow! This year was the year of the men. As predicted, I didn’t even make the semi-finals. I beat my mother, who is very hard to read but then my youngest daughter beat me. But she had to face my dad, the creator of the game and he beat her. She was the last of the female hopes.

The semi-final round included my son facing my brother and my dad facing my cousin. My brother beat my son and my cousin beat my dad. My brother won the tournament.

The whole experience was fun and I realized when I was playing the very first game why I never make it past the first few games. I can’t put all my attention into the game because I am distracted by all the goings-on in the house. I want to check the food and see if anyone needs anything……in other words I am more of a hostess than a competitor. But it was great having everyone in our home.

All the women and girls in our family know football due to my dad’s game and we all are competitors and try to win. So maybe next year we will win. This football tournament is quite a female vs male competition because it’s an armchair football competition….brains and luck not brawn and talent.

Here is my oldest daughter’s account of the tournament…….

(Taken from our private family website)

After a long night of games and prizes, the Grand Champion of the Football Tournament was Wahwa - aka Bobby Fletcher.

It was dubbed a “Clash of the Titans” as the final four Drew and Wahwa, Gary and Pappy duked it out. Drew had a long night of victories under his belt, starting with a crushing win to his former nemesis, Meredith Therrien nee Fletcher.

Following her defeat, Drew mercilessly took out Alex, eliminating the Therriens from the tournament completely.

However, in the end Wahwa (Bobby Fletcher Jr.), avenged his daughter and son in law’s defeat by beating Drew and finally ending his campaign.

Following his defeat of all around good sport Lucy Barnes, Gary annihilated Kate Hughes (this years dark horse for a victory, who had clawed her way up to this point, defeating both her father and her husband, with her Angel/Agent Dorinda Fletcher by her side) ignoring Dorinda’s distraction tactics.

He then cooly defeated the master and creator of the game Pappy (Bobby Fletcher Sr.) to arrive finally at the final showdown.

Pappy defeated first timer Olivia Fletcher, and went on to completely stuff Charlotte Donoho’s attempts at any kind of defense. (She said it was as if he was reading her mind).

The master finally fell at the hands of Gary, but a good game was played by all. Wahwa the past master and grand champion defeated Elizabeth Fletcher, another first time player.

He then crushed his next opponent, first timer Robert a young friend of the Barneses to move on to his defeat of Drew.

The suspenseful finish culminated in the tense drama of the gridiron by Gary Fletcher who came close to upsetting the Grand Master.

This was truly an epic battle as both players were former champions.

Noteworthy on this evening was the return of the great Tittsworth Power House.

Junior and Jeanne led their comeback valiantly but succumbed to the Fletcher Force.

Their return was a welcome addition to the Tournament.This clash of the titans has been a long time coming, as the majority of winners in the past years have been of the female persuasion.

Dorinda Fletcher, last years defending champion, said of her husband this years champion, “well, this should make him happy, but next year, ladies, well get it back”

Sounds like a direct challenge to me.

(as reported by Kate Hughes, any corrections or additions should be immediately added)