Many bloggers are making predictions for 2006 including The Anchoress who also has many links to interesting predictions. I am hesitant to make them about people because life is not ours to control but to live in the best way we can.

It’s hard to predict bad ends………even to bad people but I know that will eventually happen whether I forecast it or not.

So I am going to express my hopes for 2006.

For what do I hope?

In the political realm………

I am hoping that Bill Frist and Denny Hastert got some of these in their Christmas stockings…….

I am hopeful that the special phone number of that really close friend of Hillary Clinton’s shows up on the phone logs of James Risen.

I am hoping Sen. Rick Santorum wins re-election.

It’s just a wish really but I do hope Rudy decides to run for President in 2008.

The Entertainment Realm…….

Is it too much to hope for that stupid cartoons like The Family Guy get canceled?

That’s about it. I am not a psychic and predictions are not that compelling to me so this is about all I am willing to even HOPE for…….. much less predict for the next year.

Except for this……..

I am hoping that my son and brother are not deployed to Iraq but that is supposedly in the works. So hopes are important to me. I am really hoping that Iraq stabilizes and is able to establish a democratic government. My brother and son will go and do their duty and I will stand with them with lots of prayers and all the support in the world.