“Just go away.” Asta thinks just before he runs away and hides under the bed. Later when an unassuming human walks through the hallway Asta will jump out, head bonk their ankles and trip them. Other than that Asta is a fine fellow.

Amos tries to get over his separation from Maine by taking a dry bath in the sink. He wonders if any rebellious activity will be rewarded. Amos is not the young angry cat of the group. He just wants to be petted.

Interrupted from a great dream of his old days in the woods of Fort Drum, Captain patiently waits for the photographer to go away.

Captain clings to Papa’s slacks as he tries to ignore the photographer. He’s been sleeping in his old spot in the bed on his very own comforter. No hint of any rebel ruminations but he has been under the weather.

Sabby (feeling quite annoyed at having his photo taken) has been acting out this week as his buddy, Captain’s received more attention and loving care due to his injuries last week. Sabby was able to knock over some glasses, cups of coffee, cans of diet Coke and a whole box of Kleenex.

If there is another National Bad Cat Day celebrated later tonight around two A.M. Sabby will be leading it and it will happen without warning. I don’t know when these guys ever settle down and do the actual planning since they are all so in to their own activities but they do it. When it happens it’s like watching dominoes fall.

Welcome Friday Ark #69 Visitors!