The intrepid sisu had some fun earlier this week with a post about “a face recognition program that lets you upload a photo and tells you which celebrities you look like.” She discovered this program at Daniel W. Drezner’s blog He has a great blog and had it not been for sisu I most likely wouldn’t have known about it. (I need to get out more)

Sisu posted a photo of one of the celebrities who “supposedly” looked like her and it was a man. And it didn’t look like her. But, having some time on my hands (which I really didn’t but decided to take it) I decided to play with the program too and then I posted a link to it on my family’s family website.

We all had some fun seeing the “so-called” celebrities that looked like us and on average most of us resembled Drew Barrymore, Penelope Cruz or Shirley Temple. I’m ignoring the old bald men that sometimes popped up.

The closest resemblance of anyone in our family to a celebrity turned up today. (yes, we are still playing with it) It’s my niece’s husband who just completed his Air Force pilot training. He resembles someone who also flew jets many years ago.

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