They dressed for the occasion

Sabby and Captain were once ruled by a Queen tabby named Abbey who sat upon her throne under the lamp. They were herded by the late great Pattertwig, named by my son during his Chronicles of Narnia days. Pattertwig and Abbey are gone now but not at all forgotten. One day seven years ago we had a tea party for our dear friends and they dressed in gingham napkins for the event.

Pattertwig the Good(Sept. 1988 - Sept. 2003)

Patter loved her cats and they loved her. No bag of Oreos was ever safe when Patter was around. When we were stationed in Panama and everyone in our neighborhood was being robbed we escaped because the bandits were afraid of Patter. She was a gentle soul really but we were glad they didn’t know.

Abigail, 1990 - 2004

Abigail (Abbey the Tabby) sits upon her throne under the blue lamp overseeing the tea. Abigail was born in Panama and is bilingual. Her favorite kitty snack was Twinkies and favorite word - mackerel. Abbey was quite a world travelor. She lived in Panama, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Sabby…… the Cary Grant of our cat family

Captain the Wonder Cat

Noble Captain carried out his butler duties in those days. After our tour of duty at Fort Sill we departed for Germany and Captain went with us. Sabby and Abbey stayed with our daughters to enjoy their college days and Patter stayed with her grandparents. Captain occupied himself in Germany by watching all the rabbits out the windows; that is until Amos and Bear came to live with us. Now Captain and Sabby inhabit a house with two other cats, but they never ever see them. Amos and Bear are in their own wing. They can hear them but they can’t see them. Captain’s cool with that. Sabby is enough for one Wonder Cat.

What did she see - oh what did she see,

As she stood leaning against the tree?
Why all the cats had come to tea.

What a fine turn out - from round about,
All the houses had let them out,
And here they were with scamper and shout.

“Mew - mew - mew!”was all they could say,
And, “We hope we find you well today.

“Oh, what should she do - oh, what should she do?
What a lot of milk they would get through;
For here they were with “Mew - mew - mew!

“She didn’t know - oh, she didn’t know.
If bread or butter they’d like or no;
They might want little mice, oh! oh! oh!

Dear me - oh, dear me.
All the cats had come to tea.

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