Bear and Amos came into our family in an unusual way. We were living in Heidelberg, Germany and some friends asked us to keep them for a couple of months because they were being transferred to England and there was a two month quaranteen requirement which prevented the cats from moving with them.

So Captain had to adjust to not one, but two new cats in the house. When my daughters came over for the summer during their break from college they were charmed by both Amos, a longhaired grey tabby and Bear, a longhaired yellow.

Two months later, quaranteen was over and it was time for them to join their real family in England. We said goodbye and Captain had to readjust to life without them. Our family had already become attached to the two fluffy felines.

One day a little over a year later I received a tearful phone call from my friend. She and her husband had returned to the states and were waiting for housing at a military post. They had no place for Amos and Bear because my friend’s family with whom they were staying temporarily had refused to allow the cats to stay.

My friend asked me if I would be willing to keep them. But my daughters had a better idea. They wanted Bear and Amos. Not long after the cats flew from Tennessee to Arkansas. My niece, Maine picked them up at the airport and my daughters retrieved them that weekend and took them home with them to Oklahoma.

They belonged in our family after all. But this tale is bittersweet. While my oldest daughter and her husband were on their honeymoon in Ireland my son-in-law’s mom was caring for the cats. Bear died suddenly of a heart attack.

So that just left Amos until Asta joined the family. Now Amos and Asta live with us along with our youngest daughter at least for a while. She is going to lawschool next year and they will go with her. Then that will leave just two cats in the house, Captain and Sabby.