Is America actually in a state of war? asks James Carroll in the Boston Globe. My contention is that this guy knows the answer but is in a state of denial.

The so-called ‘’insurgents,” who wreak such havoc, are not America’s enemy. They are not our rivals for territory. They are not our ideological antagonists. Abstracting from the present confrontation, they have no reason to wish us ill.

Now the leftists have changed their tack. Just after 911 they were blaming our country and its policies for the terrorists rage. We were at fault. Now we’re still in the wrong but our enemies have no reason to wish us ill. What logic.

I am nervous about the State of the Union speech tomorrow night. Everyone in our government will be there. There is such hatred for President Bush in the Democrat party that I am wondering how well the Secret Service will be checking them.

Don’t want to go there but will be glad when it is over.