Mary Katharine Ham on Hugh Hewitt’s blog posts the news that Washington, Pennsylvania has changed its name.

The mayor and city council of the town of Washington, Pa. voted unanimously this weekend to change the town’s name for the week of the Super Bowl to avoid any confusion about which team its 15,000 residents were supporting.
Washington, Pa. is now Steeler, Pa.

My daughter went to Washington and Jefferson for three years before transferring to the University of Oklahoma and still keeps in touch with her friends there. I used to love to go to see her on that campus. It’s really pretty. Even back a few years ago they were Steeler crazy in that town. Steeler bumper stickers were on almost every car. The college students’ cars too.

This little town while small has a lot of history. (The Whiskey Rebellion, etc..) Washington and Jefferson is the eleventh oldest college in the nation.