I’m looking forward to seeing President Bush deliver the State of the Union speech tonight. I’m going to just sit back and do nothing but listen and watch the man who becomes greater with every passing year.

I’m especially going to be savoring the fact that we now have two fine new Supreme Court Justices thanks to President Bush and with the leak of the news that the NSA is monitoring International calls I’m feeling just a little more secure. (although I suppose I shouldn’t since the crafty terrorists have probably changed their methods of communication thanks to the New York Times.)

But like the Anchoress I am nervous about the whole deal tonight. Having everyone in government in one room seems a little risky in these war times. And worse, Cindy Sheehan will be there.

On Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Hugh just stated that he knows President Bush will be informed of Sheehan’s presence and although she has stated that she will be respectful the president has to know there may be an eruption from her. Hewitt wants to know what President Bush will do about it.

I know what he will do. He will be kind, and a gentleman. He will acknowledge her pain but he will do more than that. The President will honor the memory of Cindy Sheehan’s son, Casey. He has been forgotten by the media in the long fifteen minutes of Cindy Sheehan but President Bush has not forgotten the troops. He will honor Casey Sheehan’s life of service and Ms. Sheehan’s loss but he will not miss a step. He will go on. He is the President of the United States.

President Bush has such an amazing spirit to be able to live his life in such a public way…….. enduring the venom directed at him at every press event and in so many media markets. To even suggest that the man lives in a bubble is as inane as it is insane.

Lorie Byrd pretty much captured what I would like to hear the president say tonight so I won’t go into that. I’m not only going to watch the speech tonight but I’m going to listen to President Bush’s voice. Not just to the words but to the warm timbre of the voice. You can tell a lot by tones of voices. My husband won me because of that. There was just something there, a warmth and a confidence that made me feel I could trust myself to him. It’s been proven true.

President Bush’s soft but firm sounding voice is sometimes lost when the words get tangled on his tongue but I recommend to the readers of this blog to listen to his voice in addition to the words he is delivering in his speech. Or listen to his voice first and watch the speech later if that is too difficult a task.

I’m betting that you will find a lot of toughness in that voice and that may tell us even more than the words express.