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06 Jul 2009 06:47 pm


Both of my brothers, Guy and Bobby served in the Gulf War.

My brother, Sgt. Maj. Bobby E. Fletcher has done many things in his life. He was a great college baseball player, (the best second baseman I’ve ever seen) he’s a history aficionado, (and military historian) he’s a numismatist, (and President of our local coin club) and he’s a great Dad, husband, son, brother, athlete and soldier. He is the organizer and record breaking winner of our annual Fletcher Family Football Tournament. Bobby served in the first Gulf War and he deployed to Kuwait for the Iraq War.


My youngest brother, Guy followed his big brother, Bobby into the military.

Now my brother is a blogger and he has some very interesting posts. The 142nd Field Artillery Brigade recently moved into a new facility at Fort Chaffee. The new Armed Forces Reserve Center will have a grand opening on the 11th of July at 2PM.


The Sgt. Major in Iraq in 2007

Bobby has been given a room in the armory to create a museum about the 142nd. He has been collecting historical information and artifacts of the unit for years.

I think readers will find his new blog, Diamond Fire XRAY very interesting! It is a military blog and so much more!

Go see!

Now I can say, “It runs in the family.”

19 Jun 2006 05:50 pm


Rice! Get your Rice!

My brother was a groomsman at my cousin, Gary’s wedding back in the seventies. But he had to leave as soon as the ceremony was over for a baseball game so was in his baseball uniform. He played second base for Kerwins and they won the American Legion state championship that year. My cousin, Gary was a pitcher for a minor league club and is a graduate of Laura Bush’s college, Southern Methodist University where he had an athletic scholarship. He’s a marathon runner.

Now my brother is training for his deployment to Iraq. He’s a veteran of the Gulf War, still a big Baseball fan, a clutch player and a Sgt. Major.


But most important, he’s a grandfather!